Worbarrow Bay and Tyneham Village – Dorset beaches

Swinging west past the popular tourist traps of Bournemouth and Swanage you are greeted by the real Dorset – pretty little villages rich with romantic thatched cottages and heritage. A short stop at any of these villages, such as Worth Matravers, Kimmeridge is enough to recharge the soul – in this area of Dorset you could be forgiven for thinking that little has changed for centuries. Certainly those looking for relaxation and a slower pace of life would find much solace in one of the counties most rewarding corners.

Heading south from Corfe, Tyneham, is unearthed nestled between the coast and rural farmland– a combination of great beach, walk and heritage. Now managed by the Ministry of Defence and used for target practice for the nearby tank range (Fear not about the tanks as the village and walks are open to the public during the summer (check Dorsetforyou for opening times).

Take advantage of the MOD’s generosity and head to Warbarrow Bay stopping first to explore Tyneham village. Now abandoned following a compulsory purchase order in the late 1940’s the village remains as an empty shell, a memory of time gone by and now used for army training ever since. Several buildings still stand and although many now stand in disrepair it’s a spooky experience to wander round an empty village – the first thing that hits you is just how quiet the place is apart from the chirp of the birds overhead – the village is well worth a look.

Down from the village follow the footpath for around ¾ mile and you’ll be greated by Worbarrow bay. Benefiting from it’s position this is the place to come to avoid the summer crowds, with beautiful clear water a secluded beach and unobscured views of the Purbeck coast.

Bear in mind, Worbarrow isn’t the place to come if your looking for conveniences a plenty so your best advised to bring a picnic to enjoy on the beach don’t come here expecting gift shops and cafes – that would be missing the point of the place.

Worbarrow bay is one of those rare finds, rejecting the formulae of the typical tourist beach, demanding your respect with its quirky access and breathtaking vista – a real hidden gem not to miss.

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